Milton Keynes Council is the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools.

Parents of children starting school for the first time can collect an admissions pack from school.  The admissions pack will contain a copy of the council’s Information for Parents booklet, an admissions form and a covering letter.

You should read this information carefully.

Applying for a school place

You must apply online or return the paper application by the closing date.  If you do not apply by the deadline your child will not be considered until after all those who applied on time.  This may adversely affect the chance of your child being offered a place.

If you apply on the paper application please bring it into school so we can send it to the council.  You will know it has been safely received.

For information the over-subscription criteria which apply to this school are shown below.

Places are allocated at this school in line with Milton Keynes Council’s admissions criteria shown below subject to parents completing and returning an application form and taking into account the class size limits for pupils aged 5, 6 or 7 at Key Stage 1. 

Children who have a Statement of Special Education Needs will be given priority for admission with the normal admission round at 7+ or for children starting school for the first time.

Where there is oversubscription the following criteria will be used to allocate places.

1.      Children who are in care

2.      Children who live in the defined area and have a sibling on roll at the time of admission.  Proof of residence may be required.

3.      Children who live in the defined area served by the school.  Proof of residence may be required.

4.      Children who live outside the defined area and have a sibling on roll at the time of admission.

5.      Children who live outside the defined area of the school.

In the event of over-subscription places will be allocated in distance order using the distance between the child’s normal home address and the school’s main entrance, using the shortest appropriate route.

Allocation of places

The council will write to you at the end of the spring term to confirm which school your child has been allocated for September.

If it has not been possible to allocate a place at this school you will be advised on how you can appeal against that decision.

Changes in your circumstances

Please make sure that the information you provide on your application form is correct. If you move address this will probably affect your application.  You must let the Pupil Support Section know as soon as possible so they can reconsider your application.

If your move means you are no longer in the defined area then you may want to change your preference.

You will need to write to the Pupil Support Section giving your new address and attaching a copy of your council tax bill as proof and confirming which school/s (to a maximum of three) you would like your child considered for.

Pupil Support contact details:

            Saxon Court

            502 Avebury Boulevard

            Central Milton Keynes

            MK9 3HS

   Primary Admissions Officer : 
  Telephone:   (01908) 253450
Email:           education@milton-keynes,